Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Drilling for World Peace

Once again, Europe is taking the appeasement approach with an aggressive dictator. In fact, European leaders (?) are saying less to condemn Russia than they did in condemnation of Saddam Hussein.

Of course, that was the entire point of Russia’s power play in the Caspian basin. All but one of the oil pipelines that supply continental Europe run through Russia. The remaining pipeline runs through Georgia. Little wonder then that the notoriously weak-kneed French, Germans, etal. Are soft-selling their objections to the Anschluss currently underway. It’s kinda like expecting a crack-addict prostitute to stand up to her dopedealer-pimp-boyfriend when he betas her. Yeah, she should, but few have that inner strength.

Ah, but if the euros knew they had an alternate source of oil, would they grow a spine? Maybe. They wouldn’t turn into hawks, but maybe they would at least show some support when some one (Uncle Sam to the rescue) steps in to fight tyranny and aggression.

So where is this oil source? You guessed it – right here in the good ole’ U.S of A. We have lots of oil in Alaskan hinterlands and in offshore deposits in the outer continental shelf. We can’t get to it because the eco-nazis want us all to live like Grizzly Adams – never mind that they don’t live what they preach, they expect us to suffer for their ideology.

Oh yeah, and drilling also provides good paying blue collar jobs that we desperately need. That’s probably the biggest reason for liberals to oppose drilling – it would show capitalism at its best, once again.