Friday, October 16, 2009

A quick note

Maybe you caught the O'Reilly factor on Thursday when O'Reilly had Juan Williams and some generic black liberal Democrat apology artist on. I didn't notice at the time, but the second guy fired off a racial slur at Williams. Williams guest-hosted on Friday and discussed it. Below is my email I sent in to "The Factor."


I didn't catch the insult fired at Mr. Williams the first time around, but I am glad he took the time to address it when he subbed for you on Friday.

It's too bad the other guest can't recognize a free man when he sees one. But then he'd have to recognize that he, Sharpton, Jackson, etc. are the house slaves and the average poor black person on the welfare treadmill is the field slave.

Wes Reddish

Now, I'd like to take a little more time to explain. (Viewer emails can't be a fully thought out essay on any program.)

If you have seen Mr. Williams on TV or heard him on radio it is blatantly clear he is a liberal, not a conservative. It's a solid lock that he votes either exclusively Democrat or more than 80% Democrat. However, Mr. Williams is an inllectually honest man (which is why he is invited back to O'Reilly's show so often). This probably irritates the left like lemon juice on a paper cut.

More importantly, Mr. Williams thinks for himself and is not beholden to anyone. I rather suspect there are many blacks in this category, republican, democrat, libertarian, etc. Since these folks are not beholden to someone else, they are the equivalent of the antebellum freemen -- blacks who had been bought out of slavery (by themselves or others) or released by their owner.

In contrast, there are many black folks who have sold themselves into the service of the left, specifically to the democrat party or certain specific left-wing movements. In turn, they are well-looked after, protected even supported by these organizations. In other words, they are kept. These are the house slaves.

Lastly, we have the average black person sucked into the welfare poverty cycle. THIS NOT every black person. Those working-class, middle class or (dare I say it) wealthy black folk who have seperated themselves from dependence on government as envisioned by the democrats (they might still vote for democrats, but they are dependent on those programs) are in the freemen class I first mentioned -- go back and read instead of skimming! The folks in this last category are taken for granted, and given lip-service at best. These guys are the field slaves -- the ones that are desperately in need of release from the clutches of government enslavement. Not gonna happen with Massa Obama running the show.